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Metering Pumps



PULSAtron Series Metering Pumps
A six-model line of solenoid pumps, available from single-mode control to microprocessor control, with capacities to 21 gph and backpressures to 300 psi.




Encore® 700 Diaphragm Metering Pumps
A rugged, heavy-duty mechanical diaphragm metering pump available with six diaphragm sizes and double simplex capability to handle capacities up to 634 gph and backpressure to 175 psi.





Chemtube® 200 Metering Pumps
This low- to medium-capacity, tubular hydraulic diaphragm-metering pump has capacities up to 60 gph and backpressures to 390 psi. A second independently controlled pump head can be added to the gearbox to double capacity or meter a second chemical.




Chemtube® 2000 Metering Pumps
A high-capacity, hydraulic tubular diaphragm metering pump with capacities up to 528 gph and backpressures to 200 psi. A double-simplex configuration is available to provide higher capacity.