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Liquid Feed


The LVN 2000 liquid chemical feed system can handle the majority of chemicals used in the water or wastewater processes. It is ideal for solutions of sodium hypochlorite that have a tendency to out-gas, resulting in loss of feed with conventional metering pumps. The LVN 2000 uses a vacuum source such as an injector to draw chemical from the supply tank to the point of application. Utilizing the Wallace&Tiernan V-Notch control valve, reliable feedrates can be maintained with either manual or automatic control schemes. a flow meter provides accurate indication of feed rate.





 LMI Fluoride Saturator

The LMI Sodium Fluoride Saturator provides an easily maintained source of saturated sodium fluoride solution. The unit is designed for efficiency economy, ease of installation and minimal maintenance. The complete saturator assembly includes cover, distributor tube assembly and tank.